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But let me try a start on the subject & readers who are able might care to correct or expand upon my limited words.

Let me start out by saying that 'lustreware' is not a type of pottery at all.

Rather it is a type of decoration which can be applied to any piece of pottery.

But the ancient techniques are really NOT what is meant when people refer to 'lusterware' manufactured in Sunderland.

One of the items that intrigued the webmaster, approaching this subject for the first time was a drinking mug, known as a 'frog-mug'.

Affixed to the inside of the mug & not visible until you sufficiently drain the contents is a moulded frog.

It is full of fine illustrations, & many of them are in glorious colour.

Much as I would like to, I should not scan examples from Michael Gibson's volume.

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