Being friends after dating quotes

Sue Gross, wife of money manager and Pacific Investment Management Co (Pimco) co-founder Bill Gross, recently filed for divorce after 31 years of marriage.

Other high-profile figures who divorced decades after tying the knot include actors Danny De Vito and Rhea Perlman, after 30 years of marriage; Al and Tipper Gore, after 40 years of marriage; and Morgan Freeman and Myrna Colley-Lee, after 24 years of marriage.

The trend has been coined "Kousai zero Nichikon": roughly translated as "marrying without dating." Japanese actress Maki Horikita married costar Koji Yamamoto in 2015 after just a month of dating.

A column in the Joshi Spa magazine last month compared hunting for a marriage partner with suicide.

With a third of baby boomers (people born between 19) single, more are deciding to bunk up with each other, similar to the premise of the ‘80s sitcom “The Golden Girls.” The demand for this lifestyle has been fueled by later-in-life divorces, said Bonnie Moore, chief executive of the Golden Girls Network, which pairs roommates.

Social Security isn't a concern, as divorcées can claim their former spouse’s Social Security benefits without impacting the other, so long as the person claiming their former spouse’s benefits isn’t remarried, Millstone said.

“Divorce can rock anybody’s world, but the longer you’ve been married the longer invested you are in seeing yourself as a married person,” Covy said.

“You never thought your world would change or your spouse would bail on you.” In fact, among all adults 50 and older who divorced in the past year, 34% had been in their prior marriage for at least 30 years, and 12% had been married for 40 years or longer, Pew’s research showed.

Divorce means being flexible, Covy said, since you’ll likely have to change your lifestyle.

In some cases, you may need to make compromises, but acknowledge that it isn’t too late to live the life you want.

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