Datarow rowstate not updating

For these you need to make custom components usually in VB or VC .Client-side scripting means that the script will be executed immediately in the browser such as form field validation, clock, email validation, and so on. If the user is working with a browser that supports DHTML then the validation controls can also perform validation using a client script. Session state is locked down when the Http Application instance that's processing the request fires an Acquire Request State event and unlocked when it fires a Release Request State event. NET forms authentication cookies provide any protection against replay attacks? Validation controls perform input checking in server code. One, it's unlikely that two requests from the same user will overlap. NET locks down session state during request processing so that two threads can't touch it at once.That includes all COM objects written with Visual Basic 6.0.Asp Compat should also be set to true (regardless of threading model) if the page creates COM objects that access intrinsic ASP objects such as Request and Response.The following directive sets Asp Compat to true: Setting Asp Compat to true does two things.First, it makes intrinsic ASP objects available to the COM components by placing unmanaged wrappers around the equivalent ASP. Second, it improves the performance of calls that the page places to apartment-threaded COM objects by ensuring that the page (actually, the thread that processes the request for the page) and the COM objects it creates share an apartment. NET request threads into single-threaded apartments (STAs).

For caching the entire page the page should have Output Cache directive. Authentication is the process of validating a user on the credentials (username and word) and authorization performs after authentication. Note: A few of the references are were taken from other sites/sources. NET application that wasn't written with Visual Studio. Be sure to enable debugging in the ASPX file before debugging it with Dbg Clr. NET to build debug executables by placing a: section of Machine.config, which holds the master configuration settings for ASP. Register Client Script Block is for returning blocks of client-side script containing functions. If I update session state then should I lock it, too? By locking application state before updating it and unlocking it afterwards, you ensure that another request being processed on another thread doesn't read application state at exactly the wrong time and see an inconsistent view of it.Server-side scripting means that all the script will be executed by the server and interpreted as needed.ASP doesn't have some of the functionality like sockets, uploading, and so on.

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