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("Generally I don’t have Mark’s jizz on my leg.") Meanwhile, Mark’s epiphany that he was finally over Dobby was hamstrung by fisticuffs and recrimination by Gregory and his digital sleuthing.It’ll be interesting to see if the flatmates are allowed to continue this fledgling journey of enlightenment as we continue through this final series or if next episode, things will return to normal with Mark once more pining for Dobby and Jez seeking nothing more than the pleasures of the flesh.Simon, Dobby's ex-boyfriend, invites Mark, Dobby, Jeremy and Super Hans to join him and his friends for a paintballing weekend.Mark is convinced that Simon is using the weekend as a cover to get back with Dobby, while Jeremy prepares to life coach.Whatever does happen, as long as the quality is this good then we’re in for a treat.The show has begun its final series with a couple of great episodes and has the swagger of Johnson in his pomp sailing around with an air of confidence about it like the last Beamer out of Saigon. is so becoming right now that this week it literally became its title: the peep show segment through Mark’s webcams serving as the episode’s highlight with everything else being not too far behind.

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His casual references to ‘doing’ his friend and garrote murder show that although his wild days may be behind him, the degenerate beast that is Super Hans will always be lurking deep beneath the ‘Norm’ that he’s aspiring to be, like some depraved cross between Robert Louis Stevenson’s Mr Hyde and ’s Frank Booth.

With Hans' wedding taking place in the show’s climax (and only four episodes to go before the show’s concusion), this may well have been Matt King’s last hurrah as the Super Hans of old; if that’s truly the case then he left by stealing the show and, fittingly enough for the drug-addled loon, finishing on one hell of a high.

In the aforementioned wedding, Jez took centre-stage with an impromptu, rambling best man speech about sexual identity that came to focus on fluidity instead of fluids.

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