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Thus the year number did not change until 25 March, so taking 1558 as an example, the dates ran as follows: So if you see a document dated any time between January and 24 March before 1752, be aware that in modern terms, you need to add a year.

In publications you may see this written as January 1750/51, the year as it was known at the time / the year as we know it now.

40 perches = 1 rood 4 roods = 1 acre Confusion arises from the fact that a perch is also a measurement of length.

The Calendar Act 1752 brought about further changes.

1752 was the first year in England to officially begin on 1 January.

Until the Calendar Act of 1752, the year in England began officially on 25 March (Lady Day), and not 1 January (even though this was when New Year’s Day was celebrated).

Compare the symbol for about a pound in weight, which is represented by ‘lb’ - it comes from the same. A shilling was represented by ‘s’, originally short for ‘solidos’, a Roman coin. A penny was represented by ‘d’, short for ‘denarius’, a Roman coin. A halfpenny was represented by ‘ob’, short for ‘obolus’, a Roman coin. A farthing was represented by ‘qua’, short for ‘quadrans’. When transcribing documents that mention amounts of money, do not expand the abbreviations such as li, ob, etc.

Leave them abbreviated, and remember to transcribe li as ‘£’. Top of page Square measurements were given in acres (abbreviated to ‘a’), roods (‘r’) and perches (‘p’).

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