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He alone fight with the dragon,steel knife stab out the dragon left eye first,when the dragon counterattack,also dug the right eye,dragon bleeding to death,longan also died due to his injuries.Folks buried longan with the dragon's eyes togethor,the second year grow out two trees,tree fruits,circle bright,mimicking longan.Ming Xu Bo " Lychee " ( 1597 ) and Deng Tao Association " Lychee " ( 1628 ) are used on longan grafting records.Ming Dynasty,book (year 1628) written by 邓道协(Deng Daoxie),all has records about the breeding methods grafting technique.Their close relationship in both the television drama and real life convinced people they are lovers.

Zhang lingered around Beijing Railway Station to make a short video.

He shot his video as a romantic love story, which sprung from the story of a ragged man.

As a result of the video, Zhang was rewarded and was determined to stick with acting.

Northern Wei Western Emperor 元宝炬 (year 535-551AD) ever proclaims to ministers : "南方果之珍异者,有龙眼、荔枝,令岁贡焉。Those rare fruit grow in south,like longan,litchi,let tribute every year." Till Song Dynasty,longan has been widely planted in Quanzhou city.

Till the north Song Dynasty,herbalist 苏颂(Su Song),who native to Tong An county of Quanzhou city,recorded in the herbal classics,"龙眼生南海山谷中,今闽、广、 蜀道出荔枝之处皆有之。Longan grow at valley of the south sea,now a days those area Fujian, Guangdong, Sichuan where lychee grows all available." Southern Song Dynasty, Quanzhou Mayor 王十朋(Wang Shipeng) praise longan with his poem that "绝品轻红扫地无,纷纷万木以龙呼,实如益智本非药, 味比荔枝真是奴。" Ming Dynasty 黄仲昭(Huang Zhongzhao) recorded that:"龙眼树似荔支,而叶微小, 皮黄褐色。荔支才过,龙眼即熟,故南人曰为荔枝奴。泉州府诸县皆有,郡中(今鲤城区、丰泽区)尤盛。Longan tree looks like lychee,and leaves tiny,skin brown yellow.

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