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Paper is softened in water and used to form the core, which is then covered with paper and color.Strings, with mud balls or stones at the end, are attached to either side.The objective of the game is to get all the four pawns, allocated to each player, to complete the round of the board as fast as possible.Today, the game has modern variants like Ludo and American Parcheesi.For the tigers, the objective is to "capture" five goats to win.These miniature versions of kitchen utensils and other household items were scaled down to the greatest detail and were made from copper and brass.They were designed on the basis of how a child would react to them and how it would apply to real life.Rattles have always been the single most favourite toy of infants, owing to the jingling noise it makes. Traditional ones are made with wood and leather but improvisation takes place with paper.

As a custom, a married woman was supposed to add at least one doll to her collection every year.

Puppets were not only the tools of skilled puppeteers, they were also used by parents to tell stories to their children.

Children also used puppets to create their own stories spurred by their imagination.

Source: have existed in India since the Indus Valley Civilisation.

5000 years and these simple playthings evolved to what they are today.

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