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Her hands wrapped around his dark hair even as he took a hardened nipple into his mouth and began to nibble around it.Her back arched, and he took advantage of her weakened position by slipping a free hand down her soaked panties.

It was truly a cock worthy of praise, and her pussy immediately begun to itch with desire. fuck me, Sasuke,” she said in obvious arousal, and she spread her legs willingly.

It had taken a long time to finally seduce the girl atop of him, but by the gods was it worth it.

Every part of her body was like a piece of heaven... He flipped the two of them over, and shrugged off his boxers with a flourish, revealing his hardened cock to the heavily-breathing girl.

He gave her a light smack on the right cheek, and she moaned in pleasure.

He was going to fuck her as hard as he could, and her needy pussy was already dripping with desire.

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