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We then had to fill out papers that said it was ok for them to put us on TV. We had read that with Sonny gone, the season might be just So Random sketches without a real story about Sonny and Chad.Then they had us go in and they took pictures of us one by one with a board with our name on it proving we said it was OKto put us on TV and we had to go through a metal detector. We passed by some racks of clothes and a trailer and a lady passed out bags of popcorn! The set had a bunch of different doors and was two stories high. One looked like a kitchen and one was a like living room! They may have written a few episodes like this but now that Demi is out of treatment might change future episodes… Allisyn Arm did a skit where she threw a huge tantrum and ripped the head off her unicorn because her mom brought her cubed ice instead of crushed.We don’t think they’ll change the name of the show to So Random even though the stars were tweeting #So Random last night.We think it’s just because that episode was all So Random Skits Support the show and the actors.

Allisyn remembered me (Alexi) since we’ve met several times. My mom talked to his parents and they said he had a great time visiting the White House!

It took a long time for the workers to come out and check us in. The seats weren’t high up and weren’t regular chairs.

We were told after waiting two hours that we couldn’t bring our cameras in because they changed the audience seating area and the set and they want it to be a surprise when it airs. The seating area now was filled with stools, director chairs, couches, and small round tables with chairs like at an ice cream shop.

No one watches the show for the sketches, and without Demi, the show will be missing a vital ingredient that made it a success in the first place.

Sterling Knight and Tiffany Thornton will have no one to bounce their insanity off of and it will be a total mess.

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