Trouble updating itunes on pc

Hold down the Shift key and reopen i Tunes from its shortcut on the desktop or the Start menu.A message pops up asking you to choose the i Tunes library. In the Open i Tunes Library window, navigate to and select the i Tunes opens and should display the content from your music folder or whatever folder you last accessed.

Finally, create a folder on your new network share called i Tunes.

Select the other types of content from the menu, such as movies, TV shows, and books, to make sure the thumbnail images for those items display in i Tunes.

You should also try playing some music, movies, or TV shows to ensure that they play properly.

It then asks if you would like it to move and rename the files in your new i Tunes Media folder to match the “Keep i Tunes Media folder organized” preference? From the "Add to Library" window, drill up or down to your i Tunes Media folder and select all the subfolders except for the "Automatically Add to i Tunes" folder.

So you should select Audiobooks, Books, i Tunes U, Mobile Applications, Movies, Music, Podcasts, and TV Shows. i Tunes now starts adding the content from the library on your computer to the new library on your network.

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