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If you do not receive an automated reply, your own message was likely stopped by Stardock's spam filters, so you will obviously never get a reply to that particular message!

If all else fails, try getting on Stardock Central's Chat and speaking with an employee directly during business hours (IRC users: irc.stardock.com, channel #Stardock or #Gal Civ).

no one knows or God knows maybe, might as well start praying ...There have been some reports of legitimate retail copies of the game not coming with a serial key at all.If you are sure your copy is legitimate and it did not come with ANY serials, contact [email protected] The Collector's/Limited Editions of the game normally include two serial keys (one for the game, one to unlock the special extra content).I called Stardock, they were aware of the misprints and fixed me up with a new one right away.You could also wait for email support if you are more patient than me.

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