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But if you prefer Chrome on Windows, you’ll prefer Chrome on Linux, too.

Opera is a cult favorite among browsers, and its small user base is often very outspoken and passionate about their choice of browser.

You can download Opera for Linux from Opera’s website. It renders websites with Web Kit, which is the same rendering engine Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari browsers use.

Historically, Firefox has had some serious performance problems on Linux.

If Chrome has a minimal interface, Epiphany has almost no interface at all.

It’s a minimal portal to the web, keeping with the GNOME desktop’s appetite for minimalism everywhere.

Many Linux distributions also include the Chromium browser in their software repositories.

Chromium is the open-source version of Chrome, and it contains most of the same features, although patent-encumbered and closed-source features like H.264 video playback and the integrated PDF viewer aren’t present.

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