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We'll perform some more investigations and get back with working solution - I hope so) Now try Siddharth Rout's answer.s. Hope my investigations and thoroughly described testing steps were helpful not only for me) Sample file with the above code samples is shared (many lines are commented deliberately): https:// Warnings Original answer (tested for Excel 2007 with certain options): This code works fine for me - it loops through ALL Excel files specified using wildcards in the Sub Workbook Opening2007() Dim Input Folder As String Dim Loop File Name Ext As String Input Folder = "D:\DOCUMENTS\" 'Trailing "\" is required! ") Do While Loop File Name Ext @Siddharth Rout Sid I swear I don't see them: I have a file with such links and see the warning while open it manually. Remember to reset it when you close the workbook else it will not work for other workbooks as well.

First of all, I performed a clean Office 2010 x86 install on Clean Win7 SP1 Ultimate x64 virtual machine powered by VMWare (this is usual routine for my everyday testing tasks, so I have many of them deployed). With the above script - no warnings) May share video for you))) Excel 2007 - just in case. Screen Shot: EDIT So applying it to your code, your code will look like this Option Explicit Sub Sample() get Workbook "c:\Sample1.xlsx" End Sub Function get Workbook(bk Path As String) As Workbook Application.

”; that is, an Excel file name followed by an exclamation mark.

As well as intentionally created links you enter in formulas, links can be created by Excel when you copy sheets from one workbook to another, and those sheets contain references to other sheets either obviously in formulas or less obviously in range names.

I've found a temporary solution that will at least let me process this job.

I wrote a short Auto It script that waits for the "Update Links" window to appear, then clicks the "Don't Update" button.

Then, I changed only the following Excel options (i.e. Ask To Update Links = False Set get Workbook = Workbooks. Ask To Update Links = True End Function That code worked for me Sid (in xl2010) in that it disabled the message, but it did update the link in the background. Open(bk Path, False)` will suppress the warning, and not drive the update.

To find where links are used in a workbook, search in formulas for “.xl*!I’ll cover the usual external links in formulas first, then finish up with the other kinds.An external link formula shows the full path to the source if that workbook is closed, otherwise it shows only the workbook name in the path. The workbooks are linked to equivalent files in a folder on our Windows server, so when the matching file is deleted from that folder (which happens as part of our business flow), the link breaks. Ask To Update Links = True ) works the same way as Double False: NO WARNINGS are shown!Is it possible to suppress the warning when the link is broken? From the discussion with @Siddharth Rout we see now the cause is different settings for different Excel versions: most likely you use Excel 2010 or later (Siddharth Rout has 2010 as well), while I'm using 2007 and see no warnings at all if links are OK. Open Filename:="C:\Book1with Link To Book2.xlsx" Application. Except a good testing practice and very important solved case (I may face such issues everyday while sending my workbooks to 3rd party, and now I'm prepared), 2 more things learned: Thanks very much to everyone who contributed to the solution, and especially OP who raised the question.

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