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Million Air’s Sky Tracker camera is located on a hanger at Million Air at Richmond International Airport in Richmond, Virginia.

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But Lostutter also became a target himself, attacked both by Anons, who dismissed him as a "fame fag," and the Steubenville elite who rejected him as a criminal punk.

Lostutter went ballistic, grabbing a knife and piercing the guy in the stomach.Behind him, a few burly southerners in unironic trucker hats play sandbag horseshoes, as a dirty-blonde woman in tight jeans blankly puffs a smoke.When I ask Lostutter what he'd like to tell the people, like those in Steubenville, who slag off Anonymous as cyberterrorists, he nods to the scene here. I'll show you the most American place you can ever be,'" he says, "You know, everybody's like, ' Are you anti-government? I'm anti-bullshit.'"Growing up "poor and nerdy" in the small town of King, North Carolina, Lostutter was a bullied kid from a broken family, beaten at home and at school.Million Air is the nation’s premier provider of upscale, private aviation services, offering companies and individuals access to world-class aviation services.As a locally owned Fixed Base Operator, Million Air Richmond brings a higher standard of excellence to Central Virginia – making it more convenient, more efficient and more cost-effective to manage, maintain and utilize private aircraft.

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