Who is jade puget dating

Puget has stated that he and Havok had no intent on releasing a full-length record, but the overwhelming positive reaction motivated them to move forward with the project.Puget plays a Gibson Les Paul Studio through Mesa Boogie dual rectifier and modified Marshall plexi amp heads with Marshall cabs.He remixed Tiger Army's "Where the Moss Slowly Grows" off the band's latest album Music From Regions Beyond.

The album sold 88,000 copies by March 2002 and the single, "The Days of the Phoenix", peaked at number 152 on the UK Singles Chart.

In the months prior to the release, two songs were released as singles.

The first, I Hope You Suffer, was released July 22.

He used several Les Pauls, a Gibson SG, a Fender Telecaster, and Esquire for the recording of Sing the Sorrow.

Jade has stated in an interview in Guitar World magazine that he currently uses a Diamond Amplification Nitrox for his live setup and that he used a Gibson Cloud 9 Les Paul for a good deal of the recording of Crash Love.

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