Xcode provisioning profiles not updating not updating visual studio 2016

It is thought that the developers downloaded a fake version of Xcode because it was taking too long to download Xcode from Apple’s own servers, which are hosted in the US. The Chinese developers were using Xcode Ghost rather than Apple’s Xcode.

The company even states that it "designed the i OS platform with security at its core.It allows other software to easily access the device's filesystem, retrieve information about the device and it's internals, backup/restore the device, manage Spring Board® icons, manage installed applications, retrieve addressbook/calendars/notes and bookmarks and (using libgpod) synchronize music and video to the device.The library is in development since August 2007 with the goal to bring support for these devices to the Linux Desktop.Keeping information secure on mobile devices is critical for any user, whether they’re accessing corporate and customer information or storing personal photos, banking information, and addresses.Because every user’s information is important, i OS devices are built to maintain a high level of security without compromising the user experience." As a result, Apple's i Pad and i Phone are generally considered to be safe and secure devices to use, and many confidently claim that i OS is safer than Android.

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